Art History M.A.

The Masters of Arts in Art History degree program develops scholars and professionals who are knowledgeable about a wide range of art, from Ancient to Contemporary. Students develop a deep understanding of historical context, formal and stylistic development, as well as the relevant aesthetic theories and scholarly methodologies that define the discipline. Courses in art history teach students to speak and write clearly and creatively about art through the ages. The M.A. program prepares scholars who plan to continue their graduate education, or who plan to pursue a career in teaching, museums, or arts management.

Admission Requirements

Prerequisites and Admission Requirements

  1. Minimum upper-division requirements equivalent to UT Tyler’s B.A. degree in Art History.
  2. A minimum 3.0 grade-point average
  3. An original research paper showing competence in handling the English language.
  4. A one-page typed statement of intent regarding the purpose and rationale for graduate study.
  5. Curriculum Vita
  6. Three academic letters of recommendation

Degree Requirements

The M.A. in Art History is a 36-hour degree program. Students complete a 6-hour set of Core Courses, 24 hours in art history, and 6 hours of thesis. Graduate students should take no more than 9 hours in a regular term and 6 hours during summer terms.

Core Classes required of all students (6 hours)

ART 5337Theory and Research Methods in Art History

ART 5336Aesthetics and Criticism


ART 5394Contemporary Issues

Art History Electives (Students choose 24 hours from the following)

ART 5326Arts Management and Marketing

ART 5330Advanced Studies in Art History and Criticism

ART 5342Medieval Art

ART 5343Graduate Studies in Greek and Roman Art

ART 5345Graduate Studies in Renaissance Art History

ART 5346Graduate Studies in Baroque and Rococo Art

ART 5347Graduate Studies in Nineteenth Century Art

ART 5348Graduate Studies in Art in America

ART 5349Graduate Studies in Twentieth-Century Art

ART 5390Selected Topics in Art

ART 5394Contemporary Issues

ART 5399Independent Study

ART 5687Field Experience in Art

Thesis (6 hours)

ART 5395Thesis

ART 5396Thesis

Additional Requirements

  1. Residency Requirement: two long term semesters of 9 hours each.
  2. Language Requirement: Students must be proficient in German, French, or another language in consultation with a professor. The language requirement can be fulfilled concurrently with the degree program. Students are required to pass one of the following:
  3. An oral and written proficiency exam given by the Department of Language and Literature (Spanish, French, or Latin)
  4. A nationally standardized examination (such as the MLA Cooperative Foreign Language Test) in their chosen language
  5. Receive a grade of “B” or higher in four semesters of college-level classes in a single foreign language.