Nursing Education Certificate Program

The Nursing Education Certificate Program is designed to provide nurses with knowledge and skills of adult education designed to address the education issues unique to the nursing profession including client safety, clinical competencies, and requirements of the state board and other accreditation agencies.

The Nursing Education Certificate Program prepares the nurse to apply teaching-learning theory, principles of curriculum development, evaluation methodology, and role socialization as a nurse educator in a variety of settings.

Certificate Requirements


Required Courses (9 hrs.)

The following courses must be taken by students in the Nursing Education Certificate Program:

NURS 5327Nursing Education Curriculum Development

NURS 5328Evaluation in Nursing Education

NURS 5329Nurse Educator Role Strategies and Practicum

Completion of the Certificate

The successful completion of 9 semester credit hours is required in the Nursing Education Certificate program (see courses listed above). Individuals receive college credit for each course completed. These courses will be listed on an official university transcript and a certificate of completion will be awarded.