Core Curriculum Transfer and Transient Enrollment

If a student, upon initial transfer or subsequent readmission after one full year or more of non-attendance at UT Tyler, is considered Core Curriculum complete by another Texas public institution of higher education as noted on the student’s official transcript from that institution, they are considered Core Curriculum complete by UT Tyler.

In both scenarios academic credit will be awarded for all courses the previous institution has specifically listed on the student’s official transcript as applying toward that institution’s Core Curriculum, even if those courses do not otherwise meet standard transfer credit requirements. For example, this allows for Core Curriculum courses with a grade of ‘D’, which are typically rejected, to be accepted.

Per the Texas Administrative Code, any student concurrently enrolled at more than one institution of higher education must follow the Core Curriculum of the institution in which they are classified as a degree-seeking student. Accordingly, all degree-seeking students at UT Tyler must meet the Core Curriculum requirements set forth by UT Tyler to be considered core complete. Students who complete the Core Curriculum of another institution while enrolled at UT Tyler as a degree-seeking student are, regardless of their status with the other institution, only considered Core complete if their coursework satisfies all Core Curriculum requirements at UT Tyler.

Students wishing to complete coursework toward the Core Curriculum at another institution while enrolled as a degree-seeking student at UT Tyler must file an Undergraduate Transient Form.