Repeating Courses

A student may repeat any course previously taken at UT Tyler that would not normally be repeatable for credit if the last grade received in the course meets the criteria for their career level, which is “D” or “F” for undergraduate students and “C”, “D” or “F” for master's and Ph.D. students. Repeated courses may not be taken on a CR/NC basis. Students repeating a single course more than two times may be billed at a higher tuition rate. All grades will appear on the student’s official transcript. Once the degree has been awarded by UT Tyler, a student may repeat a course taken prior to graduation, but the repeated course will not be used to recalculate the grade point average. 

Students who repeat a course in which they previously earned credit hours based on a grade of “D” or higher, and earn an additional grade of “D” or higher, without using the grade replacement option may only apply earned credit hours from one course completion toward a master’s or Ph.D. degree.

Students cannot enroll in repeated courses through the myUTTyler Student Center; submission of a Course Repeat / Grade Replacement Enrollment Form to the Enrollment Services Center is required for all course repeats. See the Grade Replacement policy for additional details.