Department of Health and Kinesiology

Dr. David Criswell, Chair

The Department of Health and Kinesiology offers three programs leading to master’s degrees: Master of Science in Health Sciences, Master of Science in Kinesiology, and Master of Occupational Therapy. The Department also offers a graduate certificate in Global Health. The mission of these programs and admission and curriculum requirements are described below.

The M.S. Degrees in Kinesiology and Health Sciences may be earned entirely via Internet-based delivery. Individual online courses may also be used to fulfill requirements of other degrees, with advisor approval.

For additional information about any programs of the Department of Health and Kinesiology, contact the Department (903-566-7031;

The Department of Health and Kinesiology may limit the number of applicants admitted to a particular degree program for a given semester. Therefore, meeting the minimum requirements for admission does not guarantee admission.

For details about the application process, refer to the Graduate Policies section of this catalog and the Health and Kinesiology Department's website (